“Forest kind Rangers”: The SS22 collection by Bonmot Organic

As the world moves forward, it is safe to say that when it comes to environmental awareness, our future generations will be fully committed to the health of nature. This century has begun with a series of spokespeople who have given us a bit of a wake-up call on this issue and have gradually made external agents whose actions have a great impact on the Earth, such as the fashion industry, join the change to make their supply chain and raw materials sustainable. Bonmot is a great example of an agent of change, not only designing children’s clothing with sustainable materials, but also committing to both the way it produces and communicating a message in its communication. In fact, that commitment to biodiversity has been its muse in the making of its SS22 collection

“Forest Kind Rangers” is the name of its spring-summer 2022 collection and is about gentle rangers who care for the land and work for nature. Bonmot knows that through values-based education, outdoor play and experiences that involve children being in an environment surrounded by nature will be the best non-formal teaching method to raise awareness. So, through fun prints, a vibrant range of colours in garments such as long dresses, shorts, t-shirts, bucket hats, trousers, shorts, jerseys, jumpers, pinafores, dungarees and a model of sandals will encourage the little ones to explore nature and become the necessary forest rangers around the world, taking care of our planet and protected areas through sustainability values. 

A little bit about Bonmot: Born in 2017 in Barcelona with the aim of forging a different path between the production and consumption of children’s clothing, making it more humane and environmentally conscious. They create sustainable fashion that is fair and ethical with both society and the planet, so their garments are made with 100% organic fabrics with GOTS certificate and grown without chemical agents.They also dye their garments using the minimum amount of water and energy. And, through their sustainability values, they dress children from 0 to 11 years old with unisex garments. 

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