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We are expert
in the BABY, KIDS & FAMILY universe

We have a deep expertise in the Family Sector to grow your visibility & engagement

Each brand needs visibility. It’s obvious.
How to reach, inspire or retain parents is a challenge in the Family sector.
KIDSCOM AGENCY is the right partner to define best practices and achieve successful presence in Press and Social Media.

Our services

Authentic Content Creation

We plan and organize real content for brands (Interviews, Family Portraits & Events) to use in their own platforms - web and social media.

PR and Press Services

We elaborate PRESS dossiers for brands to be featured in print and digital Magazines dedicated to kids universe, we organize PRESS calls and we offer an exhaustive CLIPPING.

Influencers campaigns

We organise influencers campaigns with the scope to find the best partners for the brand. We manage the relationship with each influencer to achieve the best result.


With more than 15 years of experience, we can help you elaborate the best communication plan and implement the best practices. Brands synergies, collabs, professional advices, etc.


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