“Driven by Earth Tones”, Suuky’s new collection, in harmony with our planet

The Portuguese brand, Suuky, this SS23 season, presents a collection in harmony with planet Earth. “Driven by Earth Tones“, seeks to inspire us to live a life being more aware of what surrounds us, and to enjoy it.

It invites us to immerse ourselves in an experiential journey, where design and colours meet nature. Fabrics with earthy pigments, organic and natural materials, minimalist and sophisticated silhouettes, all produced in a 100% solar energy plant, characterize this new collection. 

Dresses, blouses, trousers, summer jackets and even swimwear can be found in the spring/summer collection, in a range of earthy colors, accompanied by pink, white and more yellowish tones that reminds us of summer.

A sustainable, harmonious, comfortable and durable collection for the whole family.

Click here to discover the PDF catalog SUUKY SS23 Collection and also his Swimwear catalog

Don’t miss their pictures and packshots

Web: https://suuky.com

Instagram: @suuky.bedlinen

For more info please contact lili@kidscomunicacion.com

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