Co Label: Highlights SS22

Designed in Denmark and manufactured in Italy, CO LABEL is a clothing brand that is committed to designing essential garments for babies, children and women.

Timeless cuts, genderless basics and a palette of neutral shades – that’s how CO LABEL creates a collection. And, it’s also how they are committed to creating more sustainable fashion, through designing a cloakroom that is ethical, of quality and capable of being passed down from one generation to the next.

In order to obtain the best quality in the result of each piece, they head to Italy in search of the perfect manufacture. The majority of the collection, 70%, is made from inventory of existing unused fabrics and the remaining 30% from new ones.

The founder: MY (pronounced MIJU) is a mother of 4 and she founded CO LABEL in 2017 with a background in women’s fashion . Her vision for the beginning was to create an honest company, where we take care of ourselves and are responsible for our actions. A company that considers the way we interact with each other as much as the way we act on the environment.

Click here to discover the PDF catalog Co Label SS22 Collection


Instagram: @co.label

Concept Store: Strandstræde 5, st 1255, 1255 København, Dinamarca.

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