International Day against Climate Change: MY LITTLE COZMO has a commitment with planet earth on October 24!

The need to act against climate change is a fact more than evident in all sectors, and in the fashion industry there are several firms that are betting heavily on a more sustainable and ecological model, which impacts less on the environment.

And if there is a children’s fashion brand that fights against it, that is My Little Cozmo; the Barcelona-based children’s fashion brand has a clear ecological and sustainable line in its DNA. This season its collection is based on three basic axes to fight against climate change: organic, recyclable and positive. In terms of design and manufacture, the FW22 collection features organic and recycled fabrics. The commitment to this type of materials is due to its clear intention to change, little by little, the fashion industry, betting on sustainable, quality and long-lasting materials, for the benefit of consumers and the future of our planet.

This 2022, My Little Cozmo has been verified as a Real Sustainable Fashion brand by Ethical Time. This verification is awarded to those brands that meet rigorous criteria in terms of the garment production process: transparency and traceability throughout the supply and production chain of their products, fair labor conditions, respect for the planet and animals, and finally, a focus on leadership, diversity and inclusion.

By using 100% organic cotton for some of its garments, My Little Cozmo minimizes water consumption by almost 50% compared to conventional cotton. In addition, its organic line is DOTS certified. 

This season, My Little Cozmo has also designed a line of products made from recycled materials. These garments are made from 58% recycled organic fabric, 38% organic cotton and 4% elastane.

Making all this while sending at the same time a positive message to its buyers. The Be positive! line, 94% organic cotton, aims to convey a message of positivity facing climate change. The global figures are not good, but My Little Cozmo is optimistic. 

Definitely, fighting climate change in the fashion industry is possible, and My Little Cozmo faces it with optimism.

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