Manuela de Juan presents “MY WARDROBE”, its first clothing collection

After 50 years of being specialists in children’s footwear, Manuela de Juan undertakes a new project, this time, dedicated to a clothing line: My Wardrobe. In this expansion, they seek to impregnate with their savoir faire, to which we are familiar, to create each piece they design.

My Wardrobe seeks to unite all the features that make Manuela de Juan unique: Distinction, excellence and experience. So, this new project is impregnated with an exclusive vanguard collection in which the fabrics have been selected through a strict quality control, from the search for raw materials through a sustainable production and, of course, have the least possible impact on the environment for its limited stock production, until the making of the last button that is made by Spanish craftsmen

Having told you all the care with which My Wardrobe has been created, we detail that its first collection is inspired by three iconic parts of the United States: The Hamptons, Palm Beach and Savannah. Three perfect places that make room to dress those who have a classic style, risky or like neutral tones.

Click here to discover the PDF catalog ‘My Wardrobe’ SS22 Collection

Click here to read the PDF of the press release


Instagram: @manueladejuan

Store: Calle de Lagasca, 67, 28001, Madrid.

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