Open Day FW22-23, presenting the new season with live Jazz

What does May mean? Longer days, green landscapes, frosty drinks, sandals, and for Kids Comunicación it becomes the perfect time to open the doors of its garden and with it present the fall-winter collections.

On May 19, Kids Comunicación’s garden was dressed with the FW 22-23 collections of Bellerose Kids, Belle Chiara, Bonmot Organic, Co Label, Finger in the Nose, Liilu Organic, Mini Kyomo, My Little Cozmo, Manuela de Juan, Suuky and tinycottons. For the occasion, stylists, photographers, press and influencers attended and were delighted by the melody of a saxophone, a double bass, a guitar and the voice of three men who took the lyrics of the most iconic songs to sing them in jazz format. The day was hot, but the olfactory notes of our newest Showroom member, Kids of Sun, made the event more refreshing with their unisex fragrances. 

We thank all our guests for attending and hope to see you soon!

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