“Purity” for the entire family by SUUKY – SS22

There are fashion brands that through their refined aesthetics remind us that in simplicity there is also room for the sublime. SUUKY is one of them, its minimalist designs, its meticulous choice of fabrics and its good knowledge of pattern making create a series of harmonious pieces. For its spring-summer 2022 collection, it is inspired by bringing together each of its values: Nature, lightness, peace, simplicity and calm. As a result they create “Purity”, a collection that seeks to stimulate the senses for a pure life

Through “Purity” SUUKY reminds us of the true meaning of life: To elevate the soul, to allow us to focus on what is most important such as the meaning of family, friends and the joy of creating new memories and does it through comfortable silhouettes with luxurious fabrics and organic cottons, all in soft pastel colours, and in the care of every detail

A little bit of SUUKY: Ethically produced in Portugal under strict quality certifications, it was founded in 2017 as a brand of home textile products. It is until 2020 that it launches its first clothing line, with a concept dedicated to design for the closet of the whole family and create in each season timeless pieces with high quality finishing. 

Click here to discover the PDF catalog SUUKY SS22 Collection

Web: https://suuky.com

Instagram: @suuky.bedlinen

For more info please contact lili@kidscomunicacion.com

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