Tiny in Paris: the new tinycottons collection

tinycottons is color, quality, taste and style. And for this autumn/winter season, its style moves to Paris, the city that has inspired its new collection. A collection where the well-known colors and tiny designs take center stage.

Warm garments, cardigans, pants, dresses and skirts so that the youngest members of the family do not go unnoticed in their daily lives. Comfortable and stylish pieces, combinable with each other that provide comfort to babies, boys and girls up to 12 years old.

In this collection, the jackets and “fur” accessories stand out, fluffy and warm for the coldest winter days. In addition, we can not fail to highlight the collaboration of the Barcelona brand with Puma. A collection of shoes and clothing full of color that appeals to little ones and older ones alike.

Click here to discover the PDF catalog tinycottons FW22 Collection

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Web: https://www.tinycottons.com

Instagram: @tinycottons

Flagship: Via Augusta 25, 08006, Barcelona, Spain

For more info please contact lili@kidscomunicacion.com

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